Bustling Hedgerow
...performing the music of Led Zeppelin


Bustling Hedgerow Best Tribute Band JAMNYC 2015

BH rocks Conolys' March, April, May, and June, 2018!!

January 2018  - Happy 9th Anniversary BH!!! 


BH thanks everyone who came out to Desmonds' Pre-Holiday Bash....

Look for BH at Connoly's on June 9, and June 17, 2017!

BH rocked Connolly's in February and April!

BH riocked Connolly's in September  - Thanks for coming out

BH rocked the  Bitter End NYC on May 21, 2016 !

BH rocked Desmonds on February 27- Thanks for coming out!

Look for BH in a 2 hour show at Desmond's on Saturday,  December 5, 2015

Septemer 12, 2015: BH rocks Desmonds along with Heart tribute Dream of the Archer

May 7, 2015: BH rocks the Red Lion...again

April 24, 2015:

Congratulations BH: Best Tribute Band JAMNYC 2015

Congratulations Kevin Best Bassist

April 7, 2015:

BH interveiwed by Dudes of Disruption  - listen to live performance and interview 

at www.talkingalternative.com

April, 2014: 

Congratulations Heidi, Kevin and JC 2014 JAMMYS 

May, 2013:

Congratulations Elena  - Best Keyboardist, JAMNYC 2013

Congratulations JC - Best Tribute Band, JAMNYC 2013

May, 2012:

Congratulations Elena - Best Keyboardist, JAMNYC 2012

Congratulations JC - Best Guitarist, JAMNYC 

Februray, 2012:

Bustling Hedgerow welcomes Kevin on bass.

December, 2011:

Bustling Hedgerow salutes Phil Dunn and thanks him for being a great musician and loyal friend. We wish you the very best!

May, 2011:

Congratulations Bustling Hedgerow  -Best Tribute Band, JAMNYC 

Congratularions JC -Jammer of the Year, JAMNYC

February, 2011:

Bustling Hedgerow headlines Dix Hills Performing Arts Center

May, 2010:

Congratulations Heidi - Best Female Vocalist, JAMNYC

Congratulations Tyler - Best Drummer, JAMNYC

Congratulations Elena - Best Keyboardist, JAMNYC

Congratulations Phil -Jammer of the Year, JAMNYC

Congratulations JC - Best Guitarist, JAMNYC

January, 2009:

Bustling Hedgerow plays its first show at Ace of Clubs in NYC.